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Your LOCAL shipping container supplier

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Rent a Storage Pod Stanley

Mobile and Portable Storage Containers for Rent

Mobile storage containers have become a popular choice for storing your belongings as opposed to your traditional storage facility. Renting or leasing a shipping container is a very cost effective way to be able to have access to a portable storage container without having to fully commit and purchase one for thousands of dollars up front. We can also provide delivery and removal of your storage container to your Stanley location. If you are wanting to rent a storage pod please complete our contact form by clicking here.

Strong and Durable Shipping Containers

Shipping containers were originally designed for international ocean freight shipping which means that they are made to be able to withstand heavy loads and harsh weather environments. This makes them great for personal storage purposes. They are made of 12 or 14 gauge corrugated steel panels, have wood floors made of 1-1/8” marine plywood, and normally have double doors at one end that can be easily locked and sealed to keep out pests. If you are needing to rent a storage pod container, contact us today.

Storage Pods for Rent in Stanley


• 20-foot container rental: $119 per month

• 40-foot container rental: $189 per month

• 16-foot rental: $119 per month for stationary rental

Local moving services with 16ft units are quoted based on number of trips and mileage.

Container purchase price varies depending on supply/availability. Like any other commodity, container prices fluctuate.

*Prices above do not include sales tax, which applies in most situations.*

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WisContainer Portable Storage Services


We have shipping containers available for rental. Our customers include anyone from power companies and commercial contractors who need secure job-site storage to cabin owners who want a place to store their ATVs and snowmobiles.


If you decide that you want to purchase a shipping container, we can either sell you one from our inventory or arrange to pick one up at a rail yard and deliver it to you!

Now with two locations to better serve our customers throughout Northwestern Wisconsin!

Phone: 715-864-3469

Main Lot:
E9019 555th Ave
Elk Mound WI 54739
(1/2 mile west of Elk Mound just off Hwy 12)

Sarona (North Lot):
N532 Hwy 53
Sarona WI 54870
(At mile marker 154, northbound lane)

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